Expert Chiropractic Treatment for Injuries and Car Accident Victims

It’s crucial that you visit a total health chiropractic professional when you have been in an automotive accident or have been injured in any other kind of mishap such as rough activity during sports.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Oak Lawn, IL, there is a checklist to follow. For example, you’ll typically need to exchange insurance and contact information with another party if someone else was involved.

After speaking with the local police and any other first responders, you will need to connect with your insurance company. Emergency professionals may initially recommend that you visit your primary care physician or the closest clinic or emergency room, depending on the circumstances.

When your health is at stake, it’s prudent to visit a chiropractor without delay to treat painful and debilitating injuries. Oftentimes, car accident victims are not aware of how bad their injuries are. And the personal doctor or ER doctor may lack the training and experience to detect soft tissue injuries after a traumatic injury.

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Options for Recovery

Injuries, whether from a fall around the home or because of a major car crash can lead to a whole host of ailments for your chiropractor to diagnosis. Often there is pain in the neck, or pain in the lower back or general back pain that continues to worsen.

Your chiropractor will take your medical history and listen to your account of the injury to help assess the damage.

Then it is time to create a plan of treatment, with special chiropractic adjustments to help relieve pressure and pain and hasten the course of recovery.

Your body will heal much more efficiently and quickly when you reduce pain, discomfort and inflammation. Therapeutic chiropractic massage and adjustments are major tools that your local chiropractor has decades of experience in treating local patients.

Get Help for Your Injury or Car Accident Trauma Today at Ridge Health Center

Do not delay in seeking relief for pain after your injury or car accident. The longer you wait, the greater the discomfort can grow. This is especially the case if you are moving your body in a way to reduce discomfort without being healed, such as favoring one foot over the other, or avoiding turning your neck.

To book an appointment now for treatment or to learn more about our approach to treating pain from injuries and car crashes, please connect with us today.

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